She gets everyone amazed with her Hot Pink truck.


Sheila Rose Marchiori has gained over 2 million Instagram followers while documenting her adventures as a Brazilian truck driver transporting fruits and vegetables throughout the country in her hot pink Scania truck. The 38-year-old, who goes by the handle Sheila Bellaver on social media, says her lifetime ambition has been to inspire other women to seek careers in trucking.

Her customized hot pink Scania “represents me as a successful woman who came from nowhere, from the countryside, and now has her own assets,” she told news service Newsflash. “Yes, it is marketing,” she conceded of her brightly painted home on wheels (which comes fully furnished with a kitchen, a Smart TV, a refrigerator, and other essentials), “but it is also a representation of women in a very male dominant industry.” 

Brazilian Hop Pink Truck Driver

As a female trucker influencer, Marchiori has increased her profits from her stereotype-busting image, and she now earns more money managing her YouTube channel and other platforms than she does transporting vegetables — despite the fact that trucking is the more difficult of the two jobs.

“I don’t sleep,” said Marchiori, who has worked as a trucker for over a decade. “Those who transport fruit and vegetables do not sleep until they reach their destination. It’s been 11 years of sleeping two nights a week, and your body gets used to it.”

Brazilian Hop Pink Truck Driver