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We have new custom-designed wrapped Veteran Trucks ready to hit the road!
We reserve these trucks for drivers that have served our country, only Veterans get to drive our Veteran Trucks. Also, drivers need to have a clean driving record, with at least 1-year OTR experience.

And the good news doesn’t stop there, Z Transportation as of today’s date has one of the highest pay rates in the industry.

So in simple lines, our current offer is:

Solo – $0.71 CPM
Team – $0.75 CPM

Benefits from day one. 


We keep trying to improve the experience for our drivers with bonuses, gifts, and awards. We want to show an example that drivers need to be appreciated and respected any day of the year not just for driver appreciation week. 

Hopefully for the veterans that will get to drive these beautiful trucks will make them feel a bit more appreciated and respected because they surely deserve to be. 

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