If you’re a trucker, you know that every inch of space inside your truck is valuable real estate. It’s important to have everything essential on the road, but it should also be organized to be comfortable and efficient. We got one of the best organization tips for your truck to maximize your space and keep it clutter-free. However, if you don’t see your favorite space-saving tip on the list? Let us know how you organize your own truck.

1:Make sure to prepare your meals at home

After that, you can store them in plastic Ziplock bags to keep them fresh. This way you will free up a lot of space in your refrigerator. Turn a toiletry bag into a travel snack caddy. This way you keep your snacks accessible and easy to grab but stored until you need something.

2:That over-the-door pocket organizer

Instead of using it for shoes, you can use it to store towels, cleaning supplies, personal items, and a lot of other stuff.

3:Shower caddies

Like the one below are perfect for sticking on the inside of cabinet doors. They’ll hold stuff like bottled water, condiments & spices, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and plates & silverware.

4:Plastic baskets

Like the one bellow are perfect for storing fruit within reach of your seat for a healthy snack. You can use strong Velcro or Command strips to secure it to the wall of your cab.

5: Hang up hooks

For storing things like jackets, hats, and towels.

6: You can never know when a plastic grocery bag will come in use.

Keep them together and organized by using a plastic bag holder and dispenser.

7: Magazine file holders

They are slim enough to fit in most tight spaces and they’re perfect for keeping your reading material. Whether it’s a good novel or an issue of your favorite magazine, this will keep everything in one place

8: Plastic bins are a must

They’re excellent for making sure things stay together so you can find them later. Have one for clothes, one for toiletries and one for medication. You can even use them to store your unrefrigerated foods, such as boxes of dry goods, bottled water, and canned fruit and vegetables. Larger ones like these are perfect for storing under your bunk or inside a cabinet. Don’t forget the labels!

9: Small Plastic Boxes

Although a pen here and a charger there doesn’t seem like much, small random items can quickly add up and fill a space with clutter. Small plastic boxes are great for storing these things and keeping them out of the way.