VIDEO: Can you guess this unusual co-pilot?

Written by Klaus T

Jan 10, 2023

January 10, 2023

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Co Pilot Goat

In this endearing video, a truck driver shows off his unusual co-pilot.

A driver in a fairly nice setup, films a tiny animal standing on his dashboard in the video.

“Got myself a new dog to ride around with, hehe,” the driver captioned the photo.

As the animal wobbles on the dashboard, it’s evident it’s a very small goat, not a dog at all.

“Bro got lonely so went and got a piece of his load to keep him company,” wrote one viewer.

“My child said f*ck geico, he got goatco,” another stated.

Check out the amusing video below.


@wyatt_murray379x Got me a new dog to ride around with me lol 😂#TheRealPussinBoots #GOATofGoats ♬ Life We Live - Project Pat

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