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The Women in Trucking Association (WIT) is looking for nominations for the fourth annual Women in Trucking Driver of the Year award. The leading sponsor of this award is Walmart. The award recognizes female professional drivers who guide the trucking industry in safety standards. They are also responsible for the improved public image of the trucking industry in the states. 

“At Walmart, we aim to foster inclusion through the intentional action of understanding, supporting, and championing individuals in all of their uniqueness, resulting in a culture where all associates feel welcome, comfortable, safe and empowered to reach their full potential every day,” – Fernando Cortes, Walmart Senior Vice President of Transportation.

The application is open to any female driver. The needed requirements for participating are the following: 

  • The application is open to any female driver who has safely driven at least one million consecutive, accident-free miles.
  • Nominations are open to owner-operators and company drivers. 
  • The driver must be nominated by the motor carrier by which she is currently leased or employed and must have three years of experience with that company.
  • A personal statement explaining in 250 words or less why they should be selected.
  • At least three letters of recommendation explaining in 250 words or less why the driver should be selected.

“Each year we feature a female professional driver so we can share her story to encourage other women to not only honor her, but to consider the opportunity to enter the industry and find success,” Ellen Voie, WIT president and CEO, said. “We are looking forward to sharing this year’s driver’s story as well.”

The winner and the other finalists are going to be recognized at the 2023 Salute to Women Behind the Wheel event. The event is going to take place at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday, March 31st. The winner will be selected based on the previously mentioned requirements and she will receive a plaque, commemorative ring, and many other prizes.