DECATUR, ILLINOIS (WAND) – “The vaccination proposal is a bit disappointing because the trucking industry was in and then we were out,” said Matt Hart, Executive Director of the Illinois Trucking Association.

They’ve been supplying the COVID-19 vaccine for weeks.

However, Illinois truck drivers are not eligible to cover up their sleeves.

“We were told in December that the trucking industry would be included in Phase 1B, and then in late December a CDC Panel reversed direction and placed it in Phase 1C, and of course the State of Illinois followed,” Hart explained.

“The problem is difficult, and I know a lot of choices had to be taken,” Hart said. “We think it wasn’t too much of a stretch to suggest that the same men and women who do the same duties as a postal worker who is included in that be given the invitation to get the vaccine as well.”

The ITA wrote to Gov. Pritzker on January 8th, demanding that truck drivers be included in the Phase 1B vaccine plan, but they never received a response.

“We decided like if we’re going to ask people to go around providing this life-saving vaccine for people, the least we should do is give it up to the people who are a part of that distribution process,” Hart said.

Truck drivers in Illinois will be able to receive their vaccination on April 12, when eligibility will be extended to cover those aged 16 and over.