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Despite a record-breaking $1 billion in profits this quarter, the Tesla semi truck’s delivery has been postponed yet again.

According to Reuters, Tesla earned $1.14 billion this quarter, compared to $104 million this time last year.

The company announced that, thanks to factories being built in Austin, Texas, and Berlin, Germany, it is still on track to build its first Model Y compact SUV, and that its on-time schedule has been “influenced by the successful introduction of many new product and manufacturing technologies, ongoing supply-chain related challenges, and regional permitting.”

However, in order to keep up with the manufacturing of the Model Y small SUV, Tesla has officially confirmed that the Tesla semi-truck would be delayed once more. Musk said in May that the semi would be delayed because “we are too cell-constrained right now, but probably ok next year.”

“We have pushed back the launch of the Semi truck program to 2022 to better focus on these factories, as well as owing to limited availability of battery cells and global supply chain challenges,” Tesla stated in a letter to investors on Monday.