The story of Savoon Barnes-Poags and how she became a Tik Tok Truck Driver with her own online brand.

No matter how hard her husband tried, Savoon Barnes-Poags was not going to become a truck driver.

Barnes-Poags saw how long her husband worked and didn’t think it was for her. He owns a trucking company and worked long hours. She also had a very practical issue.

“I’m 4’9″… “I can’t do it!” she recalls telling him.

But she gave it her best attempt. She’s got her license for 16 months now. With her “Pretty Girls Drive Trucks Too” T-shirt, she defies the stereotype that truckers are scruffy men.

“A lot of people assume I can’t drive properly because I wear a full face of make-up,” she stated on “Rush Hour” on Monday. “I’m not sure how that connects, but they don’t think I’m capable of pushing these vehicles the way a guy does.”

Despite her talent, she is firmly in the minority in her field. Prior to the pandemic, studies indicated that women accounted for just 10% of all drivers.

Trucking, according to Ingrid Brown, a 40-year trucker and host of “America on 18 Wheels,” is an intrinsically equitable vocation for men and women.

“I get paid the same as the boys,” she stated on “NewsNation Prime” on Monday. “I work in the same industry as they do.”

Tik Tok Trucker

She went on to say that the business has gone a long way in her four decades. Men’s and women’s showers are now available at truck stops, and the equipment is easier to use.

Barnes-Poags feels that the position is a good fit for her. She struggled to learn on a truck with a manual transmission because she had to strain to reach the clutch, but automatic trucks were simple to handle.

“It seemed like I was driving a giant car,” she added. “It wasn’t as difficult as I expected.”

They both stated that they felt safe on the work. Brown claims that the guys she has worked with throughout the years have been supportive and have kept her safe.

“My safety around the guys at truck stops is so much safer than if I’m parked on a side street in Chicago or parked somewhere where there aren’t a lot of people,” Brown said.

She is aware of her surroundings and does not stroll in the dark between parked vehicles. Barnes-Poags uses video chats to prevent would-be robbers from targeting her when she walks alone late at night.

Barnes-Poags and Brown have built a platform for themselves through their professions. Barnes-Poags has over 151,000 followers on her TikTok account, which chronicles her life on the road.

“I’d like to see more women realize they can do what I’ve done,” Brown added.

Source: NewsNation