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One of the trucking companies involved in a lawsuit surrounding the fatal I-65 crash in Butler County has released a statement.

“Our hearts go out to everyone involved in the tragic accidents of June 19th and those affected by them,” Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport Inc. said in part Monday.

According to the trucking firm, a variety of factors caused the series of accidents before, including heavy rainfall from a tropical storm’s remnants.

“We also believe that the investigations will show that our driver was traveling at or under the speed limit,” the statement added.

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Lawsuits filed against the  responsible ones for the fatal I-65 crash

The Beasley Allen Law Firm filed the lawsuit on behalf of the driver of a Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch van. She got critically injured in the incident, as well as the families of five of the children who died in this fatal I-65 crash.

According to the lawsuit, the Hansen truck failed to stop and collided with a 2020 Ford Explorer SUV before drifting into the left lane and colliding with the van. The second 18-wheeler hit the vehicle, owned and operated by Asmat Investment LLC. Because of the crashes, a fire broke out, engulfing the van, the 18-wheelers, and other cars.

Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport Inc. said that they will continue to fully cooperate with authorities.