One of the trucking companies involved in a lawsuit surrounding the fatal I-65 crash in Butler County has released a statement.

“Our hearts go out to everyone involved in the tragic accidents of June 19th and those affected by them,” Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport Inc. said in part Monday.

According to the trucking firm, a variety of factors caused the series of accidents before, including heavy rainfall from a tropical storm’s remnants.

“We also believe that the investigations will show that our driver was traveling at or under the speed limit,” the statement added.

One driver was killed in a two-truck crash on I-70.

CLARK COUNTY, ILLINOIS — A tractor-trailer driver was killed in a violent collision with another truck on Interstate 70 in Clark County, Illinois. Around 3:15 a.m. on Saturday, Illinois State Police arrived at the collision. According to WCIA, both large trucks were...

A protest by truck drivers brings a stop to all operations at a California port.

OAKLAND, California – Truckers protesting a state labor law essentially shut down cargo operations at the Port of Oakland on Wednesday, it was claimed. "The stoppage will increase the container backlog." "and port authorities are asking shipping terminal operations to...

Truck driver, hit by lightning, dies while fixing a rig on I-75

SIDNEY, OH – A truck driver from Pennsylvania was killed after being hit by lightning while working on his broken-down vehicle on Interstate 75 in Ohio. Daryl Lewis, 50, was driving a cargo across Ohio on July 6 when his vehicle shattered a universal bolt during a...

To reduce crashes, a new Louisiana legislation doubles fines and authorizes cameras to detect speeding drivers on the I-10 bridge.

Louisiana senators signed a bill to curb speeding on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge in order to reduce the frequency of accidents. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed Senate Bill 435 on June 15 to designate the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge carrying I-10 as a "highway...

Lawsuits filed against the  responsible ones for the fatal I-65 crash

The Beasley Allen Law Firm filed the lawsuit on behalf of the driver of a Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch van. She got critically injured in the incident, as well as the families of five of the children who died in this fatal I-65 crash.

According to the lawsuit, the Hansen truck failed to stop and collided with a 2020 Ford Explorer SUV before drifting into the left lane and colliding with the van. The second 18-wheeler hit the vehicle, owned and operated by Asmat Investment LLC. Because of the crashes, a fire broke out, engulfing the van, the 18-wheelers, and other cars.

Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport Inc. said that they will continue to fully cooperate with authorities.