One of the more interesting moments of the video involves a truck driver who appears to be attempting to peek inside the driverless truck’s cab.

A technology company that specializes in autonomous driving recently published a dashcam video of a big truck traveling 80 miles on public highways without a human safety driver on board.

The historic test run, according to a December 29 release from San Diego-based technology startup TuSimple, occurred on December 22.

According to the corporation, a “specially equipped” Class 8 vehicle traveled approximately 80 miles on surface streets and highways during the overnight hours from a railyard in Tucson, Arizona to a high-volume distribution hub in the Phoenix metro region.

“The one-hour and twenty-minute journey marks the first time a class 8 autonomous truck has traveled on open public roads without the presence of a human driver and without human interference, and is part of an ongoing test program that will run through 2022. The test was conducted in close conjunction with law enforcement and the Arizona Department of Transportation. TuSimple’s ADS ran the autonomous driving test completely autonomously, without a person on board, without remote human control of the car, and without traffic intervention,” TuSimple noted in a news release.

“By accomplishing this significant technological milestone, we exhibited the advanced capabilities of TuSimple’s autonomous driving system and the commercial maturity of our testing procedure, while always placing a premium on safety and collaboration.” This test reaffirms our unique position at the forefront of autonomous trucking, delivering sophisticated driving technology on a commercial scale,” stated Cheng Lu, TuSimple’s President and CEO. “This year, we were laser-focused on rigorously testing our technology on open public roads in real-world conditions, and seeing all of our hard work and dedication pay off is tremendously fulfilling.”

Below is dash cam footage from the Tucson to Phoenix drive.

TuSimple included a list of significant on-board events that occur throughout the video.

1. Start – 0:40

2. Pedestrian – 4:27

3. W3 merge into highway – 4:58

4. Accept merge in – 8:34

5. Active changing to the right lane – 9:25

6. Parallel truck looking into the cabin – 10:06

7. Curious parallel truck checking us again – 10:46

8. Aggressive cut in – 17:55

9. Avoid ELV – 28:03

10. Overtake slow vehicles – 29:38

11. Right lane preference – 30:46

12. Avoid ELV and interact with other vehicles – 38:53

13. Avoid ELV – 42:51

14. Avoid ELV, Emergency vehicle detected – 53:36

15. Avoid ELV – 54:16

16. Detection of a police vehicle, and lane change afterward – 1:02:01

17. Avoid police vehicle – 1:08:18

18. Right lane preference after the ELV – 1:13:28

19. Clear the blind-zone – N/A unsure what is referred to here

20. Last turn and End of the Trip – 1:22:35