National Truckers Day is October 4th, and we’re hard pushed to think of a more worthy bunch of people. Their dedication to take on one of the most difficult and critical tasks in our nation while still keeping the economy going is really remarkable.

Continue reading to discover more about what it takes to be a trucker, how they contribute to the economy, and how we can really express our gratitude for these incredible individuals on National Truckers Day and every day.

  • Gifts. Personalization is key, when gifting something to a truck driver – a generic gift that doesn’t take the individual into account is as good as not giving anything at all. Some drivers are passionate home cooks – a cookbook, or fun kitchen tool might be perfect for them. Other drivers are more interested in tech or entertainment – a bluetooth speaker or subscription to satellite radio would be an excellent idea. Think about the person you’re buying something for, and tailor the gift to their preferences.
  • Buy them lunch! Or dinner! Long hours on the road and lots of stops at restaurants are the hallmarks of truck drivers’ days. One way to say “thanks” is to buy or cook them dinner when they’re home, send them on the road with a home cooked meal, or get them a gift certificate to a restaurant they’ll stop at on the road. 
  • Thank you notes. This is the simplest way to let a trucker know that they’re appreciated. A heartfelt and sincere note can make a huge difference in someone’s day.