Custom Sleeper Cabs That Look Like Luxurious Tiny Homes For Long-haul Truckers

Custom Sleeper Cabs That Look Like Luxurious Tiny Homes For Long-haul Truckers

Life on the road is challenging for long-haul truckers; they typically work for weeks at a time, sleep in a very small area in the cab, and depend upon truck stops for the restroom, meals, and showers. except for the price, some companies will make their trucks custom sleeper cabs that feel a bit like home. 

One such company, ARI Legacy Sleepers, builds roomy, feature-packed sleeper cabs complete with toilets, showers, kitchens, TVs, and other amenities to make truckers’ off-duty hours easier. Although high-end tiny homes and camper vans are a comparatively new trend, ARI Legacy Sleepers has been packing that sort of functionality into small spaces since 2001.

Customers can choose between a variety of sizes and floor plans, or they will work with ARI to style a totally custom sleeper from the ground up. counting on how much they need to spend, truckers can choose interesting add-ons like custom tile work, full-size appliances, ceiling fans, gaming stations, and pull-out grills.

Keep scrolling to take a better look at some of ARI Legacy Sleepers’ creations.

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ARI Legacy Sleepers has been designing and making custom sleeper cabs for long-haul truckers since 2001.

Many of the company’s builds look more like an upscale tiny house than anything you’d imagine to see in a truck.

Costs start at approximately $55,000 for a small, basic build …

… and can get to more than $150,000 for a large, completely loaded setup.

As for the kitchen, clients can pick from various backsplashes, appliances, and cooktops.

Some builds even have full-sized appliances …

… and custom tile work in the kitchen or shower.

Customers can pick from 23 different floor plans and eight different sizes in the company’s Legacy II line of custom sleepers.


Some have a dinette/bed combination on the side, while others have it in the rear.

And although clients can opt for a quite modest build, they can also pimp out their sleeper with all sorts of awesome features by opting for a completely custom build.

For this build, ARI built in a motorcycle garage …

… complete with a lift for getting the bike into and out of the truck.


They also can equip sleepers with gaming stations, surround systems, and almost any item a customer supplies.


As for the exterior, clients can pay for extras like electric awnings, pull-out grills, exterior TVs, and solar panels.


ARI builds sleepers and installs them on trucks from Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, and Western Star.


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