BATH, New York (Operation Hard Hat) — Ahead of National Work Zone Awareness Week, the State Police and the New York State Department of Transportation are collaborating to enforce traffic regulations in and near work zones, ensuring the safety of road employees.

Today, Stueben County State Police established an ‘Operation Hard Hat’ detail along NYS Route 86 near Bath. In detail, police officers disguised themselves as construction workers to enforce traffic regulations and work zone speed restrictions.

Sergeant Brian Bernard oversaw the detail and emphasized the critical need for safe driving in work zones. Smaller lanes, congested quarters, and the presence of DOT personnel create an environment conducive to irresponsible driving and tragic accidents.

According to, 857 individuals will die in 774 deadly work zone collisions in 2020.

While the program was based in Bath today, drivers can anticipate police details to be stationed in construction zones throughout the spring and summer.

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