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The trucking industry is very important because it is what gets our every day going even the times when we are not aware of it. Every person who is working in this industry takes their job seriously and does their everyday responsibilities as perfectly as they can, with minimum or no mistakes. But this does not mean that the truckers and other people working in this industry do not have fun at all.

The trucking stations and parking lots are the places where the truckers relax after long driving hours. Tired, on a lunch break, or late for the next dispatch, this is the perfect time for doing things that would make you laugh when it comes to trucking. Let’s spend some time together in the fun section.

Here are 10 tucking memes that will cheer you up and go back to work recharged with energy.

1. It’s all about CDL

2. Dispatchers’ love issues

3. Just checking…

4. Oh no!

5. What a beauty!

6. It’s all about fun & truck

7. Love-hate relationship

8. Hope dies last

9. Pass at your own risk

10. You make your money, I’ll make mine