This Christmas is expected to be the coldest Christmas in the last 40 years in America. 

The winter storm, known as Elliott is about to hazardous hit the country and will bring not just snow but also Arctic air. Arctic air is actually polar air from the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The Artic air and rain create a flash freeze and incredibly icy roads. 

Even with the fact that there have been plenty of strong storms in the last 20 years, Elliott is predicted to be the strongest and the wildest. Let’s not forget that the storms are getting more frequent and we must be well prepared for them.

 Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee are all in the path of Elliott’s storm and the issue is that, states such as are not prepared and cannot handle cold water or strong and dangerous storms. Let’s not forget the storm that happened last year in Texas where the state’s electricity grid from a combination of surging demand and freezing temperatures, caused it to collapse. The sad part is that 57 people died due to hypothermia. The CEO of Texas’s power grid was fired due to a lack of preparation for the winter storm. However, this time the power grid is expected to withstand Elliott.

Elliott is expected to be brutal even in the regions where cold winters are then the norm. Wind chills are expected to be minus 30 degrees from the Northern and Central Plains into the Midwest. The other parts of the country are expected to have over a foot of snow, especially in the Western Great Lakes, while Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois are expected to get up to 6 inches. Thousands of flights are canceled, and even more, are expected. 

Arctic air is expected to start this Wednesday and to spread into the Plains and Plunge down the south. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain are also expected. Thursday is going to be the most difficult day for traveling and driving. Jackson, Mississippi, will confront low temperatures, lower as 13 degrees. Nashville, Tennessee temperatures will drop down to 5 degrees. 

Elliott is going to reach its peak on Friday over Wisconsin to Illinois and parts of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Around Christmas time, Elliott is expected to move away into Canada.