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Here are 7 brake maintenance tips for your semi-truck in preparation for this year’s Brake Safety Week!


While the outer wheel is being removed, perform a visual inspection of the inner dual wheel, paying special attention to spots where cracks are found, such as between bolt holes. Clean the wheels and inspect exposed parts for problems such as rust, wear, or cracks.


It is important to inspect your anti-lock braking system before Brake Safety Week, as it may not require frequent maintenance. Do not disregard ABS warning signals since they may indicate a brake system problem that requires repair.

3.Watch the AIR PRESSURE levels closely.

Air pressure levels must be sufficient for semi-trailer brakes to work properly. Before setting out on the open road, check your air pressure gauge to ensure that everything is in excellent working order.

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4.Inspect the brake hoses and linings of your trailer.

Brake inspection and servicing should include checking that all hoses and linings are at least 1/4 inch thick, free of wear and cracks, and not overly lubricated.

5.Examine and crease s cams

As part of your brake maintenance, you must inspect the bushings in the S cams. They must be frequently greased and periodically replaced. It will not only prevent truck brakes from seizing, but it will also prolong the life of your S cams.

6.Change Brake Parts

Your truck’s brake shoes include a built-in indicator that alerts you when they require replacement. When you need to replace your brake pads, you should also replace other brake components such as brake drums, springs, bushings, pins, etc. This is probably one of the most essential brake maintenance tips.

7.Apply grease to slack adjusters

The slack adjusters, either automatic or manual, ensure the brakes stay aligned as they are being used. Whichever kind you have, they must be well greased to assure they work as intended.